Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Ripped It Apart !!! [Fusion Vybes]

Me : "Get crunk with the K-Town Clan
Come get some with da K-Town Clan
You can't fu.. "

A dude : Hoi... dude you're on!

Me : Huh... OH I'M ON?!

*microphone feedbacks*

Me : Testing, testing woneh, rendeh...
Ahem! WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMAN and those in between,

A dude : pssssssst... k-town la... TOWWNN LA!

Me : Oh... MASTER G FROM K-TOWWNN LA CLAN and Four Quarter Sinners!!

A dude : Crap... *smacks head*

Anyways, this is a post after a dry season in my postless blog.
Been rather occupied with other stuff lately but anyhow I got to post this up since its something that made me ultimately happy the whole weekend which is *drum rollss..... KAPEEESHH* we got the opportunity to play live with Master G from K-Town Clan at Fusion Vybes, rocking up their song "Come Get Some" with our remix version and it all went fantastically well and it felt awesome!

If you do not know who K-Town Clan is, you're obviously not into Malaysian music,
Here's a tip, just coz your pal tells you how he does not digg local music doesn't mean you have to be ignorant to it. Listen to bands like Estranged, Amy Search, Meet Uncle Hussein and so many more. You'll be amazed how well these home boys can play. Better than you think!

K-town Clan [Most left: Master G]

If you wanted to ask how Fusion Vybes was, I'd say it was way better than that party at KBU
tho the crowd was a little passive (biasalah.. M'sia mah) but greater than the crowd at KBU who took on the open dance floor with Timbaland's song rolling and them doing the
"choo choo train" around the dance floor. *pfffft*

I kinda loved the way we redid the rap song into a rap-rock fusion and I think it was better than the original one and the version Dragon Red played for them during the "Hotlink Youth Tour", only thing is it was kinda speedy but Master G pulled it off. *SALUTE*

And so we had Reuben Dave on lead, Jared (which G forgot his name calling him his "sifu" instead) and Calvin Chung *ahem* me... on the bangers.

Heres the video, thanks to Horus who recorded it for us. The sound is a little distorted since he stood right in front of the loudspeakers. Yet to get the clearer version from Claudine.

There was another surprise performance by us also on that night.
Uhrm, not that the crowd was surprised but WE were the one surprised coz the Fusion Vybes screw requested us to fill in the slot of the dancers since they were missing in action.
Best part is.... they told us like 15 minutes before we were suppose to be up.

Jared: Why worry lahh... we pros ma!

Spirits high, we got up there and played "Lean on Me" by I-don't-really-know-who and
"Sweet Dreams" by Marylin Manson.
We nailed, sealed AND ripped that song, totally man!
Thats what we call a performance and yeah I went a little wild but lets just leave that for your imagination aight? *smiles*

Anyway, thats for now wokeh?
Take a chill pill and wait for more of that night's vids that I'm gonna shove into my blog.

Piss out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ali Baba brought me closer to God

Ali Baba ride beside Nilai Mc Donalds.

1. Joshua Lim
2. Helena
3. Stephanie
4. Calvin Chung (camera man)

It costs 3 tickets = RM6 per dumbass

And I curse those who told me "That thing won't go 360 degrees wan laahhhh"

p/s: If you want to attempt these feat be sure to use a good video cam and
make sure its not yours! =P

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crack Your Heads!

There are definitely some weird questions that you tried asking yourself or someone else which no one could ever give a substantial answer.

Here are some questions that I think
rocket scientists should start answering FIRST before thinking of launching another space shuttle to UrAnus *ahem*..... I mean Uranus.

If our solar system is so similar to a structure of an atom, can Earth be the electron of another
larger being?

If practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect, should we bother practicing?

Can you daydream at night?

Why is it that on a phone or calculator the number five has a little dot on it?

If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don't they fall through the ground?

Does BIBLE really stands for "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth?

When Atheists(free thinkers) go to court, do they have to swear on the bible?

Should Bibles be places at the "fiction" or "non-fiction" section of a library?

What would you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant?

Why are girls who hold hands while walking not classified as lesbian , but when guys do they are deemed gay?

When two people marry, they say "you may kiss the bride". What do they say if two men get married?

Do Siamese twins pay for one or two tickets when they go to movies?

When lighting strikes the ocean why don't all the fish die?

Why is there the "London Bridge is Falling Down" song when it never did fall down?

Did "lah", "loh", "ma", "wan" in Manglish came from the Chinese since people in China do not use them?

Why are all the planets spherical and not in other shapes?

What are EARTHquakes called in Mars?

Why do we wash towels when we usually come out of the bathroom clean?
(I wash my towel tho)

Why don't football referees just judge from live telecasts instead of running around at the field?

At what point in man's evolution did ass wiping started and when did men start washing their ass after pooping?

If you blew a bubble in space would it burst?

Was Jesus a virgin when he died?

If you soak raisin in water, does it expand back into a grape?

Why can't I remember anything of what happened when I was a baby?

Why are pineapples called pineapples when they look NOTHING like apples?

Did God teach Adam and Eve how to make love or they just figured?

Why does "Reaching For the Stars" means achieving something when
its clearly impossible to do so?

What happens when Darth Vader puts his light saber into water?

If a King is gay and marries another guy what is that guy to the royal family?

How old are you before it can be said you died because of old age?

Why do they call that animated ape "Donkey Kong" if he is not a donkey?

If you put more wheels on a car would it move faster or slower?

Who invented porn? A guy or a girl? =p

You'd probably start Googling these questions. Good for you! I got you thinking!
Anyway, can you possibly answer me?

Post your answers at the comments section and lets see who the smartass is!

Owh, one more question! Do the colours in Google represent anything, like a flag? =)