Friday, June 27, 2008

Recording of "Rhythm of Summer"

If you are an INTI-UC student, you'd probably know by now that The Idol singing competition in INTI-UC, organized by the 12th INTIMA Stact Club, is coming up.

The finalists came together to compose their own rendition of the Theme Song, Rhythm of Summer since they did not like the one originally written as it was crap (and i SO agree with them)

The song features 4 Quarter Sinners.

If you don't know who FQS is, that my band!

Original Members:
Mister Reuben - Guitar
Mister Jared - Bass
Mister Calvin (Me) - Drums

Upon agreeing to contribute WITHOUT PAY we worked SO long to figure out how the sound track should be like (5 minutes? =P)

Compliments to the production studio.

This is the video I made out of our recording session (Copyrights reserved!). Enjoy!

*This is still not the full mix of the song. The production studio is yet to provide us the full mix

-FX Mix by me with Acoustica Mixcraft 3-

For the track with vocals visit:


Feel free to leave your comments! Peace out.

If you are interested to know how the FULL track sounds like attend The Idol '08
@ INTI-UC Multipurpose Hall on the 9th JULY at 7pm!

Be sure to come support your favorite idol! All the best to the All Stars(especially Reuben)!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Magic My Ass!

You'd probably go bonkers when you were young watching David Copperfield do his thang on television.
I was just as intrigued as you i supposed when i was young watching "magicians" do the impossible.

But lemme tell you something. There is no such thing as magic. At least that is what I believe.

I'm especially into card tricks coz to me its cool and you can do it anywhere.

David Blaine is one of the magicians who is pretty cool in card tricks, well, until I got to know how he does his trick. Its called "Sleight of Hand". Pretty fast hands he's got there and God knows how he practices his speed. =P

OK. David Blaine's a hoax. Check this explanation out!

Anyhow, respect to those who invented all this crap.
Pure genius in bullshitting i'm telling ya!

I'll show you other tricks in future! Stay tuned!

Friday, June 20, 2008


bINTI Rap Pt. 1 - by MC Wahzai =P
Sound track remix of KL Lengchai by Point Blanc

Lyrics :
INTI , yi sau gor hai sung bei lei geh
Oi lei teng ching chor.

ngo hai INTI cham hok sang wan dou chin dou mm gau sai
bei sai INTI kui dei lo lei saei sai
ngo yat yat tung kui chou, chou chou tou mm oi chou
diam diam chor lei tuk su jao
hou shuen sou x2

ma loi ma lok tou INTI lam ju oi tuk shu
lei jo liong lin fat kok inti hou chi sing pek si
ngo hai yi pou yan, yi wai ngo yau hou do ngan ji
bei gan fong ngo wat chat sai dou mm hai bei yan ju

ngo dei
dai ba tau sou guan yu EBB
yung mm dou yat yat dou dc dc yao dc
tak han mou yeh jou yat yat kong oi hei resource fee.
yi ga common room dou lam lau, "no more oredi" haha

lei jan song yi wai ngo dei yat ko yi ko sam ko sei go
pak ha lor yao chai chai dong mou si fat sang
bui hau chap do ngo dei gei dou
zhui do ngo mm lou, ngo mm lou YO

ngo hai INTI cham hok sang wan dou chin dou mm gau sai
bei sai INTI kui dei lo lei saei sai
ngo yat yat tung kui chou, chou chou tou mm oi chou
diam diam chor lei tuk su jao
hou shuen sou x2



*Copyrights reserved


Wait for the part 2! It'll be in English.

The REAL naked boobs!

OK, almost everyone who visited my blog HAD to comment on the picture of my blogs header.

Girl: Aiyer, so obscene!
Calvin: Whats so obscene?!
Girl: Your blog header lah. Got naked boobs!!!
Calvin: Its not naked! Its SEMI-naked boobs clad with headphones.
Girl: But why???
Calvin: Er..... boobs need music too? Imagine how bored it is stuck in ur shirt the whole day not getting to meet anyone else but you. Give em' a break la.
Girl: ....................

Guy: Aiyer, so obscene!
Calvin: Whats so obscene?!
Guy: Your blog header lah. Got naked boobs!!!
Calvin: Its not naked! Its SEMI-naked boobs clad with headphones.
Guy: O... ok.... send to me pls.
Calvin: No. Go get your own boobs.

Here are examples of the REAL naked boobies:

Naked Moobies
[ This is wrong, wrong, wrong! Theoratically, those are called Moobs, which stands for man boobs ]

Sorry Simon!
["I F-ink..... that you have got the most BRILLIANT boobs ever you might just win America's Got Boobs! "]

Praise the lord! I've got a C-cup!

Not exactly the superhero you had in mind He probably suffocates the villains with his superhuman Moobs.

There you go!
Music is life!

Peace out!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Always Be My Baby!

Ok I guess by now you OBVIOUSLY know i'm very much into music judging by how i skin my blog.

And I can't bare but to notice that none of my glob postings are about music or anything close.
So I thought I'd record myself singing a song that I recently got ADDICTED to which is called
"Always Be My Baybeh(Baby)"

If it sounds screwed, its prolly coz of the mic! Haha.

* Do switch off the music streaming at the right side. =) *

p/s: i wasn't singing this to anyone one in particular! Just a random song coz I'm still enjoying my single life! Chiao!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

An INconvenient Truth

Did you know that INTI-UC was up for sale once, ONLINE?
Yes, it was.
Probably our beloved President of INTI Group of Colleges got so fed up of having to deal with students that he decided to let someone with no blood pressure problems or whatsoever have the liberty of taming the devil.

And INTI being a famous varsity for Information Technology (which can't even afford to have OPTICAL MOUSE in the computer labs),
I suppose Mr. Tan chose to do the transaction online using "Malaysia Real Estate" considering the fact that INTI was indeed in a

It says in the next picture that INTI College Malaysia is for sale and they actually had 584 views! As always, INTI pictures always look nicer that its real ass state.
I'm not too sure whether Mr. Tan was thinking straight when he stated that the condition of the varsity is "EXCELLENT". *shrugs*

Shortly about a year after Mr. Tan posted the offer in 2006, we then received news that a University abroad actually fell for it is interested in the offer and apparently its called.. err... :

which sounds like LOREAL and a damn cosmetic product company.

I think that is still considerably alright since I perceive INTI needs hell a lot of "enlargements" and "facelifts" to make it more sexy and hotter!

But guess what, INTI is worth $36 million bucks! No kidding!

Many has been pondering whether INTI is going to be bought over.
But I am more interested in pondering about the fact that someone is actually interested in buying over INTI.

Thats the power of Internet.
Everything is a fraud is possible!

Perhaps "LAUz in REAl estaTE" didn't see it coming.
Best wishes to the investors.
You're definitely royally f**ked making the right choice!

INTI, WELL BALANCED in accounts, WELL FOCUSED on profit.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why buy Alladin Lighters?

A little myth busting!
Myth: You can combust a lighter by hurling it HARD on solid surfaces
Mythbusters: Calvin Chung ft. Reuben Dave
Time:6.14 am
Tool: An alladin Lighter


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shut Up And Eat!

Have you ever encountered a situation where u are having a meal with someone, and that someone just keeps talking to you about stuff you'd die NOT to listen?
Here's ONE good reason to ask him or her to shut the frenchhorn up!!

I found that keeping quite a.k.a shutting the hell up, while eating actually fills you faster.

Here's the equation:-

Shutting up and eat
= concentrating on the food
= appreciating the food
= aware of how much trash you're consuming
= savoring the taste
= fills up physically and mentally
= kills greed (as you dun prey on what food to whollap next)
= feel stuffed quicker
= less food consumption
= less food needed
= less food ordered
= stay in shape
= avoid food wastage
= less money spent
= less effort in making money to be spent
= no hardwork needed
= you'll eat less

So if you're planning on a DIET, perhaps you should just start by trying to stay silent or ask that annoying bugger who keep talking with his or her mouthful to
shut up and eat!

Also ALWAYS investigate whats the content of your food!

Just so you know me better!

1) Name: Calvin Chung

2) Male/Female: Male
3) Were you named after anyone? Ok i'll have something to bug my mom about the next time i see her
4) Does your name mean anything? "Zhung gau ar??" meaning "Still play arr??!"
5) Nick Name(s): Mr.P
6) What do you think you look like name wise: Exactly Like I am
7) Date Of Birth: 26th August 1988

8)Place of Birth and Current Location: Shit I don't know!

9) Nationality: Malaysian
10) Astrology Sign: Virgo
11) Chinese Astrology Sign: Ancient Flying Hurricane Hippopotamus (got ar?)
12) Religion: er...
13) What’s your favorite smell? Lavander
14) Political Position? President of the United Mates
15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Apple Juice
16) Hair + Eye colour: Last time i check was black
17) Do you look like anyone famous? Yea, I look like Calvin Chung =P
1 8) What do you look like? Someone famous. You just asked. -.-"
19) Any unusual talents? I tend to imagine too much
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? It depends
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? Straight
22) What do you do for a living? Keep my butt in college
23) What do you do for fun? WO, you don't wanna know and i shouldn't be telling either.
24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? My Computer
25) What kind of materials would you like to work with? A hot supermodel if u take that as a material
26) Have you met your grandparents? When?
27) Boyfriend /Girlfriend: Single but unavailable.
28 ) Crush: Yea
29) What celebrity would you date if you could? Maggie Q. Totally friggin hawt!
30) Current worries? Not having anything to worry about.
31) Favorite online Guy/Girl: I dun do stuff virtually
32) Favorite place to be? The beach
33) Least favorite place to be? A funeral
34) Do you burn or tan? I glow.
35) Ever break a bone? Someone elses, yea!
36) What is your favorite cereal? Captain Crunch
37) Person you cry with: I stopped crying since high school.
38 )Any sisters: Yea, 2, sandwiched in between my bro and I
39) Any brothers: Already answered
40) Any pets: Yes, a walking talking one.
41) An Illness: I'm sick.
42) A Pager: When was this questionnaire created again? -.-"
43) A Personal phone line: 1300-88-2525
44) A Cell phone: A real screwed Motorola and a real screwed Nokia.
45) A visible birthmark: N/A
46) A Pool or hot tub: HOT TUB!
47) A Car: "A" wouldn't be the right word!
Describe Your…
4 Personality: Someone who don't really bother describing his personality online
49) Driving: you insane
50) Your clothing style: Black, black and black

51) Room:
52) What’s missing: My other half
53) School: Yes i did went to school dammit
54) Bed: Adequate
55) Relationship with your parent(s): I love em'
Do You…
56) Believe in yourself: Always
57) Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes. Whether love will blossom thats another question.
5 8) Consider yourself a good listener: If I am concentrating
59) Have a future dream that you would like to share? I want to be a politician!
60) Get Along with your parents: Yes
61) Save your e-mail conversations: Autosave, i think.
62) Pray: Always.
63) Believe in reincarnation: er..
64) Brush your teeth twice a day? Depends on how many times i eat.
65) Like to talk on the phone: Internet phone yes. I'm Stingy!
66) Like to eat? Hell yeah
67) Like to exercise? Yes, but time doesn't permit.
6 8) Like to watch sports? Footie!
69) Sing in the car? Sing everywhere
70) What is a dream that you have all the time? Can't recollect
71) Dream in color? Yes, plasma crystal clear high definition quality!
72) Do you have nightmares? Not when i sleep. Encountering dumbf**ks gives me nightmares
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: One, its just laying there on my bed. Gift.
What Is:
74) Right next to you: My bed
75) On your favorite coffee cup? er...
76) On your mouse pad: N/A
77) Your favorite flavor of gum? Watermelon
7 8) Favorite deodorant? Adidas
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: Honalulu
80) Your dream husband/wife: Not really sure.
81) Hiding in your closet? my unorganized clothes
82) Under your bed: Can’t fit anything under there..
83) The name of one of your closest/best friends? Jesus.
84) Your bad time of the day: Anytime i'm having a headache
85) Your worst fear(s): I'm not afraid of anything
86) What’s the weather like: Cool
87) Your favorite time of year? Holidays
8 8) Your favorite holiday? Singapore
89) A material weakness? No material weaknesses
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Mix all the soft drink flavours in 7/11
91) At the top of your “to-do list”? To plan my to-do list
92) The hardest thing about growing up: Growing Old
93) A pet peeve? People who speaks without thinking.
94) Your scariest moment: When my sister called me telling me my dad's passing.
95) Your attitude about love? I go with the flo
96) The most outrageous, desperate thing you’ve done to attract the attention of the opposite sex? Named my email after her!
97) The best feeling in the world: Someone tells you that you've just won a lottery
9 8) The worst feeling in the world: and then tells you he's kidding.
99) Who sent this to you? I copy pasted it from Santi's GLOB
00)Tag more people? No

Bisexual, Lesbian Or Gay?

OK. I have a blog. Yay.

OK. I HAD a blog WAAAAY long time ago in high school and I pretty much wrote my first ever posting and then turned it into a white elephant.
There are like sooo many chumps and chumpettes in my IM list with their personal msg as
"http:/ so i figure,
o~~ WTH I'll try conform to the ways of the new age society and get myself a BLOG.

I'd wish they'd give it a cooler name rather than BLOG.
It sounds like "BLOCK" and i find it weird when ppl go "DUDE, I BLOGGGG MANNNN"
Go search the term "cock blocker" to find the alternative meaning.

I use to think it wuz kinda weird to blog coz i feel that it kinda retards you from your social life but HECK blogging seems to be THE social life.
Only the normal dudes choose not to blog as B L O G would stand for
Bisexual, Lesbians Or Gays.

Not for the straight!
But the world is changing i suppose. RAWFERL (rofl)

I am kidding. Blogs are just a new communication tool.
Students are reading blogs more than they read their frigging journals!
If I were the Prime Minister of Malaysia I'd probably turn all school textbooks into BLOGS!
*and prices of petrol to return to normal!!!!

Blogs aren't stoopid. Even John Mayer blogs! (but he's kinda gay still, so...)

I'll start gobling... boggling... globing.... er... BLOGGING from now.
p/s: i'm straighter than a ruler! PISS!

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