Monday, December 1, 2008

72 Ugly Virgins!!

I recently heard about the series of terrorist attacks that went on for a few days in Mumbai, India so I tried Boogling it (my definition of Googling when one is Bored).

Apparently, there were a series of ten coordinated attacks committed by terrorist, which began across Bombay, the largest city in India. It began on the 26th of November and ended on the 29th leaving 174 innocent people lying in body bags now whereas 293 others were injured

Eight attacks took place in South Mumbai at places like five start hotels, restaurant, hospital, movie theatre and a POLICE HEADQUARTERS!
Boy do they have monkey nuts to jack a police HQ!

But to come to think about it, man... why India?!
Probably those smelly cum bags(scumbags) are jealous that:

1. they are good in computers
2. the chicks in Bollywood are so much hotter than theirs.
3. they are annoyed by how long Tamil movies are and decided to take matters into their hands.
4. they feel intimidated by those Indian actors being so macho and all.
5. they hate their cricket team.

Why India?!

Since when did hotels and restaurants became a target? Intrigues me how much these mofos love to cause pain and suffering to people.

Imagine some dude making sweet love to his girl at the hotel and when its about to get real hot he starts hearing GUNFIRE and GRENADES. Coitus interruptus and he's poor balls will shrink!

Imagine another dude having a scrumptious meal at the restaurant, satisfyingly munching on this tandoori naan, savoring its rich taste in spices and all of a sudden Kaboom! He choke's to death. Never interrupt an Indian having a tandoori! Never!

Imagine the cricket player in a game who's the batsman starring at the cricket ball being hurled towards him and as he hopefully hits the ball a bomb goes off! He'll probably live in misery the rest of his life thinking that his hit was so powerful it blew the place up!

Shooting of Bollywood films and TV series has also been halted in the city. Now what are the rest of the 1.13 billion chumps and chumpettes in India gonna do? They just officially fucked up the lifes of a whole nation!

Anyway thats some really sick shiet! I wonder whats next? Or who's next!
A Malaysian and a Singaporean was popped over there.

If these sick and lost souls would just shut up, have a thosai and find a better way to help the world, things will be better.

Instead, they are proving to the world how stupid they are and how HORNY they are being easily tempted by being told they will get 72 virgins in heaven.

You know what, the only virgins they are gonna get are 72 butt ugly virgins that are so stupid that no guys on earth wanna sleep with them. Thats why they are virgins!
Curse you terrorists!!!

Additional materials:

This was something I found in washrooms of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur during INTIBall '08.

C4 in toilets. Bad idea! Somebody might freak out and call the bomb squad.

Anyway its just a hand dryer.

But then, better to avoid unnecessary confusion.

The last thing we want would be for someone who mess up the racial harmony in Malaysia!


  1. Haha, good one! I was shocked too when I read that in the newspaper.

  2. agree with u bro..hellyeah terrorist!

    btw came to my nu site

  3. lol. this is a good entry.
    btw, am nicole. as in elocin!
    be honoured that i finally dropped by ur blog! xP

  4. Lol. The india cricket part LOL! loved it XD

  5. ''Instead, they are proving to the world how stupid they are and how HORNY they are being easily tempted by being told they will get 72 virgins in heaven. ''

    i wonder hw much virgin did the heaven can provide .. :)
    nice entry ~ good work +)