Monday, December 1, 2008

Shibby Puchong Premaas!

This is how I remind myself how Nilai sucks!
Was at my brother's place at Puchong, got kinda hungry since it was almost dinner time so I decided to shove my ass from the couch and hunt for food around the area. Found this place!

"Best Banana Leaf in Puchong."
That is what was written in the name card.
Best part is they serve Indian, Chinese, Western and African Food!

10 reasons why I like this place.
1. They serve Chinese food better than some Chinese restaurant
2. Drinks are good
3. Wide selection of food on menu
4. Price is reasonable! Sweet & sour fish rice + Teh Tarik + Coke = RM8.50
5. Its air conditioned and they have free WiFi.
6. Has Astro and they have the MTV channel on instead of Vallavan
7. They have a mini karaoke lounge
8. They serve booze! No hard liquor but beers.
9. The waitress are friendly and efficient
10. The place is kept very clean and neat

Entrance to Premaas. Looks simple.

Interior with some Nigerian dudes around since they serve African food

2 dudes watching pornography. Jk! Bt they are hogging the free WiFi

Friendly waiter at the counter

Cool stuff from Memory Lane for sale.

What I had; sweet and sour fish

Even they are in the Christmas Mood! Kuddos!

Cute Christmas gifts

I just wished Nilai has places like this! Cheap, satisfying and cosy. Damn that ulu place!

Anyway here's the address of the Premaas Cafe at Puchong.
No. 6, Jalan Tempua 2A, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong (Around IOI Mall)

Where else should I go? =)

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