Sunday, November 30, 2008

Museum Chinese Restaurant

Its not really my usual blogging style to post about places I go to feast but now that I have a better camera phone I decided to take more pics to shove it into my blog. =)

Buffet Branch at Museum Chinese Restaurant at Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Lobby of Legend Hotel

Didn't know why the pebbles amused me so much. Like Ottelo.

Entrance of Museun Chinese Restaurant.
Notice our Malay friends walking inside too. Its halal! No POK No POK!

He's gonna be dead meat! HarHarHar!

Krusty Krabs

Big prawn. (Before)

Cooked prawn (After) They were in the same aquarium.
Probly to remind the live one about its fate.

The spread.

My mom's style of feasting. If its expensive, its good shit.

Porridge and crab soup. Looks kinda obscene.

Mini Egg Tarts. REALLY mini egg tarts.

Supposedly Ice Kacang but it became like 'tong sui' dessert

Teletubby at work. My brother!

Teapot with a very long 'shaft'.
The waitress sed it was used coz more convenient to serve tea to big tables from one spot.
So to me it meant to satisfy more customers. *Smiles*

Chinese Restaurant in Christmas mood!

This dude is literally STONED!

My Mom. Pardon her tummy. Picture taken after our feast! Lol

Mister Calvin Chung.

All in all the food was OK. Nothing that made me go WHOA! But it was good because it was also a Dim Sum buffet and I haven't had Dim Sum for a long time.
The ambiance was great. Service was excellent.
And price of RM41 per pax is sorta reasonable considering it is dim sum and I alone probably ate 100 bucks worth! Haha.

Overall its worth a try and I would definitely be back seconds in future!

Considering the time I have during this long break, I plan to go round finding for good food and entertainment round Kuala Lumpur.

"Jalan-jalan cari makan.... hiburan.....
hmm dan perempuan...HA HA HA... *ahem*"

Just kidding on the perempuan part but I'm serious bout food and entertainment and I really need something to hit the spot!

Where do you suggest I should head to? Please do tell me!!!! =)


  1. hmmm halah...? then got siew mai??

  2. they use chicken to make... bt tastes like pork... hmmmmmmm lol

  3. Any recommendations? Where should I go chill? haha

  4. Krusty Krab..Spongebob? i LOL-ed at it..




  5. Haha.. LiRen.. whats that supposed to mean! haha

    Samual C... don't drool... damage your keyboard!

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