Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can You Find Jesus?

p/s: At the bottom of this post is a picture. Read on and when u reach, click it and find Jesus

What Does Life Mean To You?

Dude A
: What is life to you ah?
Dude B : Don't know, go check dictionary...
Dude A : Aiyo, I mean in your own diction lah...
Dude B : What my own dick? What talk you???
Dude A : No, I mean in your own words.......
Dude B : Ohhh, life ah? Very simple! Life is being 'friends' with Jack Daniels, climbing up DunHill, playing DOTA all day long, money and girl!
Dude A : *smacks head*

Teenage trends and its meaning towards life
by Guru Tugginmypudha

DOTA - Get A Life
Dunhill - Shortens your life
Drugs - Takes away your life
Jack Daniels - Makes you not give a fuck about life
Unprotected sex - Manufactures an undesired life
No money - No life
Anime addiction - "Its NOT alive!"
Blogging - Broadcasting your everyday life
Fast food(Wendy's 3/4 pounder) - LIFE!!!

I was blog hopping and I stumbled upon Lisa's blog at, and found an a very interesting question that she posted on her blog on behalf of her friend.

What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?
(At this point I was starting to think whether it has anything suicidal to it =P)

*quote from Lisa's blog*
"I believe once you achieve something that is important in your life will make your life meaningful. But what is it that you want in life? I answered him, happiness. If I could achieve happiness in life, that would be a meaningful life to me. And, then he asked, what will satisfy you to achieve your happiness? That is where I am lazy to answer as this will take too much of my brain cells and saliva wasted to explain. That depends on what are your goals right?

Why do we exist? Lao Tzu preached that we exist to sacrifice for other beings, and that is the purpose. I have no idea how that was derived to give a meaning of why we exist in this world. Do you? And, I do not know how to answer to such question!"

This was my comment:-

Life is what keeps your heart from being a non moving piece of muscle.
Life is something that keeps us alive.
Scientifically its everything in a living thing and non-scientifically its your soul and ability to have emotions.
Life is knowing that you are dying like every creature on this planet except at different times.
Life is knowing that you are dying and without knowing when, you want to make each day count.
Life is something no one can truly explain but what we individually believe it means that dictates it.
Life is like a kid in a playground, he must enjoy to the fullest yet refrain from injuries or mishaps.
Life is growing old with you knowing that you are growing, tougher, wiser, and better.
Life is like an empty sheet of test paper and for you to fill it up, carefully.
Life is where 50% its a trivia of whats right and wrong, and the other half is doing whats right and hindering whats wrong.
Life is subtle like a breeze where it'll only hit you once but you learn how to appreciate it.
Life is where you play as Steven Spielberg and you direct the greatest adventure film of your life.
Life is a given opportunity to think, do, speak, and live by what you believe.

Life is a given opportunity to have an answer to what the meaning of life is, yourself, because you owe no one an answer except to yourself!

Why do we exist?

Answer lies in the mirror. Purpose of your existence is not to figure out who sent you here but to GIVE a purpose to your existence as long as you are here.
You probably won't realize it but if you have done something in your life that you are proud of, you'll have an answer to why you exist."

Basically, I believe we were given the fundamental necessity to dictate our own lives and we architect our own future.

My elements of life
knowledge, faith, family, friends, love, wealth, strength, health, passion and music!

So, whats YOUR elements of life?

"Can you find the image of Jesus?" =)
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  1. Hey Calvin,

    Thanks for mentioning my quote in your blog :D
    You had a great answers in the life question...thanks for answering it :)

    hope all of the answers help my friend..

  2. Welcome Lisa....

    Young.... find Him in the trees! Haha....
    Zoom in la.... haha

  3. Okay I see an image of Jesus.

    And I see you typed miastercalvin.blogspot below it. =P