Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whats Better Than Sex?

Q: Whats better than sex?!
A: The pleasure of successfully producing another audio track!

Didn't mean to break a few hearts but this posting isn't about sex for all that matters. Its about whats better. Hope it wasn't too HARD ON you.


I've been slithering along with time these few weeks since holidays started with an intensive learning more of Fruity Loops audio production software, and of course, Photoshop. Thats like my daily routine if I' wasn't doing anything else.

A major pain in the ass just learning the functions this kickass software has to offer.
It sounds much better and surreal now that i know how to pan my channels, apply envelope settings, render effects on samples, slice beats and crank up the damn bass!

Anyway, took me a whole 3 days to put together a piece which is by far my favourite composition.

It may sound a little weird coz I'm a little tired of mainstream stuff.

I updated my post since Youtube's audio encoding suxx.
Found a place to upload music - with an Ok 64kb audio quality.
I uploaded a downloadable copy online to so anyone who has it, its copyrighted by me! =)

Anyway, check it out:-

Ready, Be Experienced [re-optimized 24.11.08]

This was how my window looked like when i finished:

(Tip: remember to colour code and name your stuff to avoid confusion)

Audio Sample Credits to:
Daft Punk - Better, Faster, Stronger
Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music (Sampled only a short beeping sound)

Kinda cool too now that i learnt how to synthesize my voice and make it sound cool!
"A Calvin Chung Production", and so it says, this song's copyrighted!

Please leave a comment after the beep.......


  1. Dude.Im not an expert at this kinda music or wat.But it does remind me most about X-files haha.listened to d dwloaded version.I dunolah bt imho d 1.00 til 1.40 feels a tad long n then right when d music picked up it slowed at 2.10.Well maybe u did dat on purpose haha.nway it was a good effort! :) I think i probably would have crashed my com if i tried fiddling with d same thing :D happy experimenting with other sounds n keep up d good work!

  2. My computer also lagged like anything.
    Anyway at the beginning it the drum samples didn't really have a beat. It was totally shuffled. Kinda tired of mainstream stuff... So played around with the tempos....

    Anyway thanks for the comment, Jass.
    Oh are you Jass.. as in the Jass from INTI?

  3. very cute! that voice is yours? mister chipmunk! Hahaha

  4. Which voice? The one in my song or the xmas wishes? Anyway both also my voice... =)
    Synthesized it... i don't sound like a chipmunk in real life! =P